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Welcome to the GUS Wiki.

GUS is the Genomics Unified Schema, an extensive relational database schema and associated application framework designed to store, integrate, analyze, and present functional genomics data.

GUS Schema Design

The GUS schema supports a wide range of data types including genomics, gene expression, transcript assemblies, proteomics, and others. It emphasizes standards-based ontologies and strong typing. View table descriptions and annotation with the schema browser for GUS 3.6 or the schema browser for GUS 4.0

GUS Development

The GUS Application Framework offers an object-relational layer and a Plugin API to allow the rapid creation of robust data-loading programs for diverse data sources. The GUS distribution includes plugins for some popular data sources.

The Strategies Web Development Kit (WDK)

The Strategies Web Development Kit (WDK) is a rich environment for efficiently designing sophisticated query-based websites.

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