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A SOP for managing WDK releases

Table of Contents

#Update Release Notes

  • update Release Note under WDK, WDKToySite, WSF, WSFToy in the trunk
  • update the dependency versions in the build.xml of WDKToySite, WSFToy in the trunk to point to the new version to be used;
  • check in the update

#Branch code base & Make packages for public download

    • Run the following command, which will branch WDK, WDKToySite, WSF, WSF Toy from trunk into new branch location (using version as name), and check out the branched versions, and pack them into a compressed tar ball, and put it with release notes int the given <cleantargetdir>
       wdkRelease <clean''target_dir> <new_WDK''version>
    • copy everything from <cleantargetdir> into a download directory, if it's a public release

#Build WDK toy site & WSF toy from branch

    • See also: document of how to set up WDKToySite
    • gussvn <ProjectName> checkout ~<Repository>/<~ProjectName> -branch <newWDKversion>
    • set up a public WDKToySite, if it's a public release

#Final QA

Test things that are sensitive to relocation

    • Exam WDKToySite and WSFToy

#Make WDK documentation wiki page for this release

    • Copy from the previous version, and update the content