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Documentation available on site

  • system requirements
  • required third party software
  • installation instructions
    • making config file for the install process
  • release notes

Release package

A release package will include

  • GUS, CBIL and install projects
  • the XML files defining the schema
    • $PROJECT_HOME/GUS/Model/lib/xml/schema.xml
    • $PROJECT_HOME/GUS/Model/lib/xml/schemaChanges.xml
  • data migration program to accomodate schema changes if any
  • documentation describing
    • system prerequisites
    • required third party software
  • XML pipeline to load external data (where does these go?)
  • files describing required mini-vocabs (param type, seq type, etc) (where do these go?)
  • release notes

Turnkey install

  • install database instance
  • install third party software
  • download the gus software
  • set values in install config file, eg
    • location of perl
    • etc
  • run installgus (takes config file as arg)
    • build GUS install -nobojects
    • schemainstall
    • install initial user
    • run build (creates objects)
    • register ga and all plugins (discovered by reading code base)
    • install mini-vocabs
  • configure and run external resources pipeline


  • install new software
  • install new schema
  • build objects
  • run migration scripts
  • use checksum to discover plugins that have changed and re-register them

Internal Release Process

  • weekly build
  • automated test: make new db from scratch?
  • maintain release notes